Need Block Explorer Hosting?

If you're looking for someone to Build, Customize and Host a Block Explorer for your Cryptocurrency then look no further! Here at GroovyCrypto we've taken the awesome Iquidus Explorer and made it our own. We've tweaked, shaped and polished it into our own special style to make it stand out from all the clones out there that are half broken. We'll take our awesome sauce Explorer and host it on it's own dedicated VPS with enough resources available to handle even the highest of loads your users can chuck at it. Check out some of our features below.

Looks Great
Our version of Iquidus has been especially tweaked to make sure it looks consistent and beautiful.  Just compare our CRAVE explorer against any of the hundreds of mistreated and poorly setup clones out there and you will instantly see and appreciate the polish we've applied.
Individually Hosted

All our Explorers will be hosted on their own individual server unlike most of the other Explorer hosts around.  We know it's important not to overburden the hardware by having too many wallets running at once.  We don't want the server crashing taking down all our Explorers.

Fully Protected

All our Block Explorers will be fully protected against DDOS attacks via both Cloudflare and also our VPS host.  Our host even goes as far as to guarantee 99.95% uptime of the network and hardware!  Also not that they need it; all our Block Explorers will be served using https.

Stable & Fast

The hosting provider we've carefully chosen has the following standout features which ensure a stable and fast Explorer for you and your users: Enterprise grade servers, 100% SSD Storage, Fully Redundant Power/Network and 100 Mbps unlimited traffic for each VPS (Block Explorer).

Tiered Pricing
We can offer you tiered pricing levels to suit your budget and needs.  The cheaper tiers allow us to supplement our income by showing advertising and or including a browser miner (strictly opt in for the Explorer users) on the Explorer.
Multiple Locations

The host we use have data centres in several locations including North America, Western and Central Europe.  We can host your Block Explorer as close to your main user base as possible.  Of course if you want your Explorer hosted in another location we can source another provider but won't be able to guarantee the same level of service.


If you'd like to have your Explorer hosted by the GroovyCrypto team then please don't hesitate to get in touch with us using the form below.